Family heirlooms and stories are passed along through the generations and very often become embellished over time.  The history of family characters and events becomes fluid, and sometimes stories are deliberately hushed, stories of people and events that families are not proud of, black sheep who must be hidden.  Heirlooms are kept but not always preserved.

What then is the truth of a family?

This is the unfolding story of Peter’s great-grandparents, Oscar and Maggie McMurray.  When Peter discovers heirlooms and old books that contain clues to the truth about the McMurray’s, his curiosity is piqued. As he researches his family history, the stories his mother told him begin to unravel.  Who were Oscar and Maggie?  How did their story get lost?  Why was it changed?  What is the truth about this, or any other family story?

With detailed honesty and heart-rending curiosity, Peter’s quest for the truth leads him to discoveries that will forever alter his inner and outer view of the world.

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Mary and Patrick, graduate students in Providence, Rhode Island, come from different worlds. Mary is a New Yorker and very tied to her Catholic religion. She is studying French at Brown University. Patrick is from Maine, an artist who considers religion in the context of art. He is expanding his horizons as an artist at the Rhode Island School of Design.

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In Peter Stipe’s first book, he discusses the relationships between people. His short stories explore the good, bad, and often ignored segments of human interaction. Rich in detail and honest in the examination of his characters, they fail and triumph – all with the goal of finding their way.

Available for purchase at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.